While reading the book “Clean Code — by Robert C. Martin” I made a list of some points worth sharing.

We are Software Engineers, we are expected to be smart with a strong logic building and problem solving skills. But when you are contributing to a large code base of an organisation, your code should be readable as well. You need to follow a set of coding standards set up by that organisation while writing your code. It’s not only about optimisation, it’s about keeping it clean as well. There is a team behind that code base you’re contributing to, so if we all stick with a fixed coding standards then it will make things easier for all of us…

I have been using Amazon Dynamo DB in my daily job for about 1 year. While writing queries and operation codes in Dynamo DB, I have experienced a sense of repetition in my work multiple times. It was like, there was something which can be automated and could save multiple extra lines of code. So I decided to write a library which will act as a layer between the AWS Dynamo Client and the User’s operation code.

Saurav Prateek

Software Development Engineer at GeeksforGeeks | I build scalable products and services. https://github.com/SauravP97

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